Western Electric 15B

Jensen V10 -M10 bass speakers. Extremely efficient and fast speakers. these speakers are very similar to WE ta4151.

GIP 597A model 2 tweeter. this is the best 597a replica on the market. 24 Ohm voice coil , as original we597a. Extremely smooth , low distortion , crisp. See its frequency response on graph below ( with 15a and we555 ). More details in the " driver page " and at www.gip-laboratory.com

3 way "Wide Range" style.

WE15B horn with 2 WE555. I found this horn in Rome where existed till the end of 60's a Western Electric subsidiary. In fact on one horn side there's a label "property of Western Electric Company of Italy".In my system WE15 works full range: 100-4500 Hz no Xover .WE555 power supply is very important: the best way is to rectify ac current with Tungar tubes.

Xover : no high pass on we15b ( the felt carpet in 15a mouth acts as mechanical low pass at high frequencies ) .2mF series capacitor ( WE138QA) on tweeter. Jensen v10-m10 are crossed at 100 Hz 6db with suitable air core coil . The parallel operation of Jensen v10-m10 and we555 under 100Hz , protects the we555 from excessive power , since under 100 Hz the power of amp is divided between we555 and woofer. Cables : only tinned copper wire : WE 12 AWG cloth, stranded. But my preference goes to Supra PLY 2.0 modern cable. This is a modern tinned copper cable. It's sweeter that vintage WE wire . Do not employ red copper cables : the sound is not well balanced with them . Tinned copper cables may appear a bit dull at first listen , but it's much linear , flat and smooth.

15a + Gip597a frequency response , 5° out of axis , 3m distance.we46c amplifier ( 40-10.000 Hz)

my electret cheap microphone has no good response at high and low frequencies , so there's much above 10KHz and below 150 Hz.

the linearity of 15A + Gip597a is outstanding !

Gip597a is crossed at about 4500 Hz 6db slope

WIDERANGE system : 15A , WE597A , ta4151 woofers

I can manufacture WE15A replica.

Quite impossible to manufacture it only from drawings, but having the original speaker...

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my we15b with its we46c amplifier. Mono set up.

more picture of we46c at the " amplifiers page "

we15a = single 555 / we15b = pair 555