We43a amplifier.

This model employ a low impedance type output transformer D95659 made in 1935, the silver one in picture. Old we43a amps instead employed 500 Ohm output + 7a autotrans. 80 kg weight.

Wonderful amp , dry sound , frequency response is extended.The most correct amp I ever listen. Better than any 300b amp I owned.

Output tubes are we242c : the sound is completely different in respect of Rca 211a. We242c is dry and clean.

we49 amplifier in 700a cabinet.

This preamp was a photoelectric cell amplifier. In my system is employed as line amp and driving amp for we43a. I brought b+ to 140v from 90v in order to enable we49 to drive we43a.

It employs we264c direct heated tubes , 246a interstage trans - not employed in my amp , 127c output trans for 500 ohm output.The amp is completely suspended on coil springs that acts also as current conductors.

To obtain best , top , results with this amp , filaments must be supplied by a Tungar psu .

Sound is extremely smooth and natural , a bit warm but always extremely correct

Multi purpose box.

it contains Phono preamp , Tungar psu distribuition and control , preamp psu.

Phono preamp : Langevin 103a module with we348a penthode + rc RIAA + we352a. Langevin 103a is we116 clone. the input trans , 402a , is a clone of we618a input trans. Langevin had a special agreement with WE for manufacturing exhactly the same amps.This Langevin mc transformer is simply wonderful : flat response , no resonances. We348a mesh plate is incredible too : penthode connected sounds like a triode.

Tungar regulation : the box has an ampmeter and reostat in order to regulate manually the current supplied by Tungars. Tungar psu has the tendency to stabilize after 1 hour.

Motiograph Tungar power supply

Motiograph se7520 employs a pair 4b26 tubes and in my system supplies current to speaker field coils ( we555 + 597 ) and to phono and we49 preamps filaments.

Tungars influence on sound is really huge. Sound becomes smooth , natural , without the resonances and harshness given by solid state psu. A must.

Northern Electric RA014D. 1940. this amp is pp 6F6 , phase splitting is done by an interstage transformer. It's sound it's really a surprise : wonderful sound and very modern too. 1940 broadcast quality. I employ it with my we753c speaker.

My previous amp system : Motiograph Ma7505 converted to we300b PP.This amp still remains an excellent solution for we300b without being involved in expensive WE amps.Same aesthetic and quality than WE.

Northern Electric and Motiograph



My previous Western Electric amp system.

From left to right : WE universal base with WE49 amp , control box + 702a volume control (movies only) , WE43A amp , Motiograph Tungar psu

Western Electric 46c amp

I don't employ we205d tubes but Altec Silvanya 1276 that are mainly 2a3 tubes but with UV socket and 4,5V filament.

The HV is dropped to 300V and the rectifying tube is Rca83V indirectly heated

with1276 and 83V tubes the 46c has a thicker , more powerful sound

straight as it is, the we46c is a quite dull sounding amp : I improve the frequency response of 46c by bypassing the input transformer and first we264c stage.