15a replicas systems

original Western Electric 15a systems

If anyone is interested im having his we15a system published here , please contact me

woofers are now altec 515 but soon they will be replaced by 4 Jensen f15LL field coil 15" , tweeters are GIP597 ( not visible here since not yet available when pics were made) , we555 drivers. Audio Note Japan amps

Gip597a tweeters , Jensen L18 field coil woofers in Klangfilm Bionor bass horns, WE 555W drivers

turntable : Platine Verdier , Ortofon rmg308 , Shindo SPU cartridge

phono + line preamp is manufactured by me and employs a custom made phono stage with Langevin parts and WE tubes Line stage + driver stage is we49a amps. Final amps : we43a

Kanno 597a tweeters , Fertin 46cm field coil woofers , we555 drivers , RCA tungar psu


Eltus 596E tweeters , Fertin 46cm field coil woofers , we555 drivers with ALE replacement diaphragms

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I'm used to follow my customers in the proper set up of each 15a replica system . Full instructions and continous email is assured until proper results are reached. I'm used to supply also all the necessary parts needed for a proper 15a replica set up : rare speakers , parts , custom made preamps and amps manufactured with WE parts and especially suited for we15a operation.

the 15a replica systems above are placed worldwide. I can arrange visits and listening session only to persons who will demonstate a true interest in my we15a replicas.

ATTENTION : I will continue to manufacture 15a replicas until I have at least 3 reservations per year. If the request will drop below this limit , 15a replicas manufacturing will be definitively stopped. If you are interested in my 15a replicas make your own reservation now



tweeters : kanno597a

woofers : Jensen L18 field coil

phono+line preamp : WE22d , converted by me to MC phono operation

amps : we43a

Tungar : Siemens full wave tube

turntable : garrard 301+ortofon rmg308 +SPU

I'm the author of the whole set up and parts supply of this system