Western Electric 16a horn stereo

Western Electric 16a

Completely metal made, the 16a was intended for theaters with few space behind the screen : depht is only 60cm.I employ my 16a without woofer because the bass response with proper we555 ( later production type with better bass response) is very satisfactory. Due to metal construction , 16a is quite resonant, but applying further felt inside sidewalls and damping the back of horn with thick foam , the resonance is highly reduced.The sound of 16a is very relaxing and sweet. It's not intended for any type of music , but with Jazz and Vocal is simply magic. Extremely natural and sweet.

My 16a has still the original paint and felt. Many 16a are very rusty and need to be repainted and felt lost or very damaged : the felt is extremely inportant for good sound on the 16a.

the WE 16A is very narrow and can be fitted also in small houses. It can be employed also in stereo supplying L and R signals to L and R drivers and adding 2 tweeters well spaced between them ( L and R ).

I'm evaluating to manufacture 16a replicas too. In order to overcome the resonance problem , I think I may manufacture it partially with wood ( wood mouth and/ or intermediate sections ) : in this way the 16a should reach the flat response of we15a

My updated Garrard 301

301 BBC " grease bearing ", smoother and sweeter than oil type 301. Regardless of his " humble " appearance this is a really top class turntable , able to beat thousand $ turntables.

Ortofon RS212 tonearm with Ortofon Spu G vintage .the availability of antiskating on this tonearm is important with vintage Ortofon SPU cartridges , where the loss of stiffness of stylus becomes a problem . With a bit of antiskating is possible to overcome this problem

Ortofon smg 212 tonearm with 1960 Ortofon mono C type with elliptical stylus : simply magic sound. great presence and lifelike sound


we555 and gip597a model 2

Motiograph ma7505 amplifier modified to stereo 300b SE

my we16a is used in stereo in a way similar to JBL Paragon. L and R signals are supplied to L and R drivers and tweeters. There is a true stereo separation and wide soundstage . The actual displacement of this system is similar to more usual speakers stereo set ups. Suggested for small rooms.